Historical Series Al-Qadib
Historical Series
 Historical Series


Historical Series
Spesification :
prophet Muhammad PBUH sword replica

blade : 70 cm
handle : 16 cm
total : 100 cm
blade material : springsteel
sheath : indian rosewood covered with seal leather, brass with gold platting
guard : brass with gold platting
handle : indian rosewood, brass with gold platting

*every production may have some slight different due to handmade making

historical information
al-Qadib is a thin-bladed sword which, it was said, resembled a rod. It was a sword of defense or companionship for the traveller but not used to battle. Written on the side of the sword in silver is the inscription: 'There is no god but God, Muhammad the apostle of God--Muhammad bin Abdallah bin Abdul Muttalib.' There is no indication in any historical source that this sword was used or in any battle. It stayed in the house of the prophet Muhammad and was only used later by the Fatimid caliphs.

The sword is 100 cm in length and has a scabbard of dyed animal hide. Today the sword is housed in the Topkapi Museum, Istanbul

original sword
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