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How to Order :
recommended directly by sending email to "[email protected]"
(for custom order you can sent request + design/ picture to email)
or using website online shoping feature. (please check our guide article for using this feature)

Terms & Condition
  • we are responsible for the item as the specification and the picture. (the dimention may have some slight different due to handmade making)
  • not all item are "Ready Stock". the ready stock item can be check at "Ready Stock" menu (
  • the product that not ready stock can be purchased by Pre- Order (except Limited item)
  • every production may have some slight different due to handmade making factors
  • for custom order we won"t promise it can be 100% accurate
  • any order that already deal is cannot be cancelled
  • about the shipping we are just responsible until we put the item to the courrier service. we can give the copy of receipt from them to you as as proof that item is now handling under the courrier service.
  • about shipping the item until its deliver to you is no longer our responsiblity to you but its responsibility between courrier service to you.
  • for the item that not ready stock the payment just 50% from the item price
  • we not promise the production time but average time is about two month. the rest of the payment and shipping cost can be payment after the item is finish
  • the item that already finish should be pay full at least 2 month after finish date.
  • the payment can be "cash" or via "bank transfer" or "paypal"

Custom Order
  • you can CUSTOMIZE the specification /blade material/ colour/ or add name to the blade , this will decrease or increase the item price
  • you can also make a FULL CUSTOM ORDER
  • you can sent request + design/ picture to our email "[email protected]"
  • you shall be solely responsible for the copyright of the design that you sent to us
  • we will try as best as we can to make as close as you want but we won"t promise it can be 100% accurate

Dinar & Dirham
  • we can accept payment using Dinar & Dirham coin (30-50% from item price/by negotiation)
  • we can accept payment using 24k Gold Bars (30-50% from item price/by negotiation)
  • payment by using Dinar & Dirham coin can done by cash or wakala transfer (WIM network)
  • by submitting order or request to NuMA-NumA blacksmith , you acknowledge that you agree to our Terms & Condition.

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